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Thread: Polworth

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    Rumour has it we are going for Inverness midfielder Liam Polworth. Dont know a thing about this guy

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    He scored against us when ICT were last in Premiershkp.

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    Can't really mind much about him but has been a solid pick for Inverness for long enough and you'd hope at 24 he's at the right age to kick on.

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    At least we are being linked with potential signing targets early doors and not in the last few days of a transfer window. Which would suggest Robinson and his staff have specific targets rather than waiting to see who is available.

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    I sent he's signed a pre-contract. 2 year deal

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    I look forward to Campbell, Gorrin, Turnbull our midfield and perhaps indicates McHugh & Frear will be released as both IMO pointless.
    McHugh perhaps as central defence cover (?) Cadden, Grimshaw and Polworth can battle for places but Grimshaw appears secured full back position and been excellent.

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    Will be very surprised if Turnbull is still one of our players at the start of next season, but would love to be proved wrong!

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    Grimshaw is surely now viewed primarily as a right back who can cover in midfield rather than the other way round given his performances this season.

    I suspect we'll get rid of McHugh. I'd be okay keeping him as cover but that would mean a cut in wages which few people in his position would accept. I'm not fussed either way on Frear. He's okay when we play a formation which suits him, another year wouldn't be the end of the world...similarly trying afresh with a new face not unreasonable either.

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    Main, McHugh, Tanner and aldred will all move on of their own volition. Gorrin and Cadden will probably do the same. Like you, I'm not fussed about Frear. A major rebuild is on the cards but thats the way of it these days.

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