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Thread: Interesting snippet

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    Interesting snippet

    Alan Burrows:

    “What I’ve been concerned with in the last few seasons is ensuring that, even if we do lose players like Jake, we won’t lose them for nothing. How you do that is by making certain that their contracts expire on or before the season of their 22nd birthday - if you do that, then you’ll still receive compensation.

    “In the past – with Jamie Murphy, Shaun (sic) Reynolds and Shaun Hutchinson – the club put those players on long-term deals with a view to selling them. It transpired that they stayed for three or four seasons and, when we did trade them on, we got very little from them.”

    A mate reckoned this was well-known as our strategy but I missed it if so.

    Not unreasonable from a business perspective of course but still strange to see we basically want to push them out the door now by 22 rather than risk that grey area where they do well enough for us to get a better deal elsewhere on a freebie but not well enough to attract a transfer fee.

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    This all makes perfect sense. The club can't afford to hand out long term deals to every promising youngster, most of whom won't make it.

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