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Thread: So...who's the thickest?

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    So...who's the thickest?

    Wayne Hennessey or the FA?

    Claims he didn't know what a Nazi salute was...erm, despite the fact that he's making a Hiltler moustache with his other hand??

    Now, I know the reputation many footballers have for being a bit thick, but....he's 32, ffs.

    He's either as thick as a whale omelette or the FA are the same level of dumb for believing him.

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    I commented on this through the week on Twitter.

    Is this the same FA regularity commission that found Shelvey Guilty and handed him a ban despite there being NO EVIDENCE at all?

    Shelvey was found guilty on the basis that 3 defence witnesses (toon players) gave inconsistent statements... but there was no evidence to defend.

    This lad gets off despite there being overwhelming evidence (as there was in the John Terry case)


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    It's standard FA. . . Nobody has a clue.

    As far as i'm concerned he knew what he was doing (as shown by the moustache with the other hand) and the FA have bottled it.

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