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Thread: Accrington's Substitute Keeper Tonight At Donny Rovers

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    Accrington's Substitute Keeper Tonight At Donny Rovers

    Is one Tony Warner aged 44 !!

    Great stuff from Stanley , proper made me smile that .

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    And he’s kept a clean sheet! What a brilliant result for us that is tonight as well? It means if Posh win their game in hand they go level on points with Donny and their game in hand is away at Pompey!!!
    Spoke too soon he’s just let one in lol

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    Reyt club.

    The entta pot to p1ss in but keep grinding art results when tha least expects it.

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    Goodness me this is turning into a right honeypot at the top, as most teams are sticking close to each other lol.

    For a start Luton failed to beat Wimbledon, so now they are only 3 points (and 6 goals) ahead of us with 2 games left!.
    And Donny lost to Accy, which will surely give Peterbrough all the incentive to get a positive result when they visit Portsmouth soon.
    We want Sunderland to go at it and beat Portsmouth of course or at least stop them from winning, and we also must beat the Blacky lashers at home as well.
    Then its onto the final week of the season...

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