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Thread: Poty

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    Without undervaluing the contribution of David Turnbull to the team this season I have to say that Tom Aldred deserved some recognition at the annual awards. He gets my vote for POTY.

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    Aldred has been a steadying influence in defence; a real stalwart. He's my choice as well.

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    Surprised Mark Gillespie hasn’t been mentioned, he came in when we were really struggling and pulled off some great saves and displays.Certainly earned us a few ***** points he would be in a toss up with Richard Tait for my choice

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    Agree with those mentioned above. Turnbull been excellent since came into January but I based vote on the season and either Aldred or Tait with the latter getting my online vote. I would also add Campbell got my YPOTY as again excellent entire season and same age !

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