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Thread: Billy McNeill

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    Billy McNeill

    I notice that nothing has been posted on this board regarding the sad passing of Billy McNeill. Dementia is a terrible disease and it was unfortunate that he seemed to have contracted it before becoming our manager. Despite this, he was a giant of the Scottish game and a true Celtic legend and that is how he should be remembered. RIP Billy. Black arm bands to be worn at the weekend.

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    Nothing on the Celtic forum either, these boards are diminishing by the year. If memory serves he was with us less than a season leading up to relegation but clearly a Celtic legend - RIP.

    Dementia is horrible, my Mother-In-Law has it and is now entirely dependent on my Father-In-Law who himself has Parkinsons & is no spring chicken. He has been fantastic in his care and devotion, it takes up every waking moment he has in him which has vastly diminished his time in the company of others. So very sad to see.

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    I think no one has mentioned because eveyone is scared of it, Dementia that is. Everyone knows someone who is either suffering with it or has died from it, my Mother had it and it swept her away!
    Dont think football wise he will go down in history at VP as we were relegated under him. I think he is still the only Manager to boss 2 teams in one season and help relegate both, the other being Man Citeh in the days before the big bucks.
    Sad news but we as a club are losing many people associated with us.
    RIP All of them.

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