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Thread: Is it just me?

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    Is it just me?

    Or does anyone else have this gobbledygook problem itís been like it since Saturday. It obviously relates to those score boxes at the top of the page and itís driving me barmy. 🤮🤬🥵

    Server Error in '/sw' Application.

    Cannot open database "SportsDataPanel" requested by the login. The login failed.
    Login failed for user 'sa'.

    Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

    Exception Details: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Cannot open database "SportsDataPanel" requested by the login. The login failed.
    Login failed for user 'sa'.

    Source Error:

    An unhandled exception was generated during the execution of the current web request. Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below.

    Stack Trace:

    [SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot open database "SportsDataPanel" requested by the login. The login failed.
    Login failed for user 'sa'.]
    System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.TryGetCo nnection(DbConnection owningObject, UInt32 waitForMultipleObjectsTimeout, Boolean allowCreate, Boolean onlyOneCheckConnection, DbConnectionOptions userOptions, DbConnectionInternal& connection) +345
    System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionPool.TryGetCo nnection(DbConnection owningObject, TaskCompletionSource`1 retry, DbConnectionOptions userOptions, DbConnectionInternal& connection) +156
    System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionFactory.TryGe tConnection(DbConnection owningConnection, TaskCompletionSource`1 retry, DbConnectionOptions userOptions, DbConnectionInternal oldConnection, DbConnectionInternal& connection) +258
    System.Data.ProviderBase.DbConnectionInternal.TryO penConnectionInternal(DbConnection outerConnection, DbConnectionFactory connectionFactory, TaskCompletionSource`1 retry, DbConnectionOptions userOptions) +312
    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.TryOpenInner(T askCompletionSource`1 retry) +202
    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.TryOpen(TaskCo mpletionSource`1 retry) +413
    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open() +128
    ScoreWidget.BLL.MatchBLL.GetMastHeadDropDown(Strin g themename) in C:\Projects\LiveCenter\live-center-score-widgets\ScoreWidget\BLL\MatchBLL.cs:886
    ScoreWidget.Controllers.FootballController.LiveMat chWidget() in C:\Projects\LiveCenter\live-center-score-widgets\ScoreWidget\Controllers\FootballController .cs:19
    lambda_method(Closure , ControllerBase , Object[] ) +87
    System.Web.Mvc.ReflectedActionDescriptor.Execute(C ontrollerContext controllerContext, IDictionary`2 parameters) +229
    System.Web.Mvc.ControllerActionInvoker.InvokeActio nMethod(ControllerContext controllerContext, ActionDescriptor actionDescriptor, IDictionary`2 parameters) +35
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker. <BeginInvokeSynchronousActionMethod>b__39(IAsyncRe sult asyncResult, ActionInvocation innerInvokeState) +39
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.WrappedAsyncResult`2.CallEndD elegate(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +77
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker. EndInvokeActionMethod(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +42
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncInvocationWithFilters.<I nvokeActionMethodFilterAsynchronouslyRecursive>b__ 3d() +72
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.<>c__DisplayClass46.<InvokeAc tionMethodFilterAsynchronouslyRecursive>b__3f() +387
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker. EndInvokeActionMethodWithFilters(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +69
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.<>c__DisplayClass2b.<BeginInv okeAction>b__1c() +38
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.<>c__DisplayClass21.<BeginInv okeAction>b__1e(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +188
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.AsyncControllerActionInvoker. EndInvokeAction(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +59
    System.Web.Mvc.Controller.<BeginExecuteCore>b__1d( IAsyncResult asyncResult, ExecuteCoreState innerState) +29
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.WrappedAsyncVoid`1.CallEndDel egate(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +73
    System.Web.Mvc.Controller.EndExecuteCore(IAsyncRes ult asyncResult) +52
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.WrappedAsyncVoid`1.CallEndDel egate(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +39
    System.Web.Mvc.Controller.EndExecute(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +38
    System.Web.Mvc.MvcHandler.<BeginProcessRequest>b__ 5(IAsyncResult asyncResult, ProcessRequestState innerState) +43
    System.Web.Mvc.Async.WrappedAsyncVoid`1.CallEndDel egate(IAsyncResult asyncResult) +73
    System.Web.Mvc.MvcHandler.EndProcessRequest(IAsync Result asyncResult) +38
    System.Web.CallHandlerExecutionStep.System.Web.Htt pApplication.IExecutionStep.Execute() +602
    System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStepImpl(IExecut ionStep step) +195
    System.Web.HttpApplication.ExecuteStep(IExecutionS tep step, Boolean& completedSynchronously) +128
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    Hi Rosie.

    No. It's not just you.

    I'm seeing the same thing, but only down to Exception Details. I have to scroll down to see the rest. Very self contained for me, at the top of the page so I'm easily able to ignore it and it doesn't intrude on my reading of the board.

    Hope they sort it out for you soon!

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    Thanks Winnie. I was hoping it was going to be a Footymad problem rather than something peculiar to me. 😱

    I had a mooch around the board earlier and found another teamís posters have the same problem.

    Hope they sort it soon.

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