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Thread: Cumulative Prediction League after Week 38

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    Cumulative Prediction League after Week 38

    307 Acido
    297 Claw84
    284 Wolves71
    280 Alfinyalcabo
    272 dagenhamJohn
    268 Davee59
    259 Griff
    251 Gaz1959
    245 frenchlion
    236 Altobelli
    233 Tricky1966

    As we enter the final week, Acido has a ten point lead over Claw so it will take a massive effort to overhaul that. Meanwhile Tricky and Altobelli have their own battle at the other end of the table.

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    Acid, top o' the league... Acid Acid top o' the league. Come on Acid man, and come on Barnsley.

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