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Thread: Are we ready?

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    Are we ready?

    Watched a half reserves team nearly take the champions yesterday, there's a real momentum around Villa now and, yes, we can win the playoffs. This team seems so much better than last year but my worry is are we ready for the Prem? I think we could match a few up there but, basically, are we Fulham or are we Wolves?
    I've got my new ST and the thought of top division football is mouthwatering but, hell, we don't want to stink the place up like Huddersfield, Cardiff or FFS Brighton! A small voice says not winning the playoffs but going up next year as all conquering champions would be better somehow.
    What do you think?

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    I think it all depends on getting it right in the transfer market. If we do we could do a Wolves next season. However if we buy a load of crap like Tim Sherward did we could well repeated that season.
    I'm optormisic though and I think we would finish middtable.

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    In order to keep hold of Jack (which is the main priority surely!) we have to go up this year. I don't think we would be all conquering without him next year, especially as Tammy will be back on loan elsewhere or possibly play for Chelsea if they have a transfer embargo. Also Mings won't be with us too.

    We need to go up this year and try to hold onto/purchase these players.

    There are teams in the prem who will struggle next year. Along with Norwich and Sheffield as new boys, Bournemouth, Burnley, Southampton, Newcastle, maybe even Wolves with European commitments might all finish below this decent villa team.

    We are ready. But are we lucky this year???

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    Lets put the baggies to the sword first. We can ask these delightful questions after.

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