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Thread: End of season report

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    End of season report

    For your respective teams .
    How have your teams done are you happy or disappointed with how the season has ended up.

    For me it's not over yet for Aberdeen but we have played some boring football especially at home with some awful results.

    Sitting 4th at the moment we need a few players in for next season or it's going to be another poor one as regards footballing standards.

    Don't know where we'd be without that ex Carlisle striker Cosgrove been a very important player for us.

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    Good question. Cambridge fans have been slapped across the face with a lead ball again, its over 25 years since weve had anything to shout about. I dont count the conference shambles, nine years of bll cks.

    1.5 million loss in one season. Dire players, weve scored twice at home since february. A failure to account for failure. I wont be buying a season ticket next year because the money will be wasted. I will still go when its warm, and Wisbech, Soham,or Kings Lynn arnt at home.

    I will go when the Moon smiles, or the sun turns Mauve. I will go when the Queen farts in public, or when the Germ Corbyn admits hes a communist.

    Its a bit like a marriage gone wrong, when the only thing to do is walk away, quickly. The audit of Cambridge United recently showed that there were no financial processes, that anyone could dip their hand in. And they did.
    I got an email saying there is an early bird season ticket price.

    FCK OFF.

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    We flattered to deceive again, and finished 11th. We made some astute loan signings but only on half-season deals, and it was telling that our best players all belonged to other Clubs. We were looking at automatic promotion at Christmas bur we failed to secure these wonderful players either permanently or on extended loans and paid the price. We ended up toothless up front and slow at the back and with relegation form in 2019. We have no money and are relying on Edinburgh Woollen Mills to bail us out from time to time. Word is that our budget will be slashed a further 25% for next season so we are looking at a real struggle - we may even finish below Cambridge!

    Iím pleased that Cosgrove worked out for Aberdeen Buc, but we have a sell-on deal so can you please move him on quickly for at least a million - we need the money.

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    Well the suffering has finally come to an end and we got relegated into non league nonentity last Saturday at Swindon,unbelievably there was fans who clapped the players off at the end,f@#king clapped them off for dropping us out of the football league for the first time in our history,there was about 20-30 of us who let them know what we thought but the vast majority of the 2000+ crowd stood there and clapped,I've had it with Notts and I'm keeping my money in my pocket instead of buying a season ticket,you can only be taken for a mug for so long

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