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Thread: Lg One, next season

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    I think expectations are a bit higher this time round and I don't think that's a good thing. Last time we came down, our top players all stayed at the club with the exception of Danny Ward. Probably because after the pitiful relegation that season, no ****er wanted them. This time all the talk is of our best players leaving the club.
    If we were to keep these players and make a few quality additions as well, I'd have no worries at all that we would be promotion contenders. Without them I can't see us being much of a threat.

    I think there's at least 8 clubs who've got their **** together more than we have at this level so while it'd be disappointing not to be involved at the top end of the table, it shouldn't be a surprise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by animallittle3 View Post
    We only have a parade to remind the public D ickie Bird is still alive !!!
    Ohh you mean that disgusting horrible two faced moron who sucks up to the likes of Sheff Ure (or anybody else for that matter), when theres a free meal and a load of free wine in it for him ? (allegedly!!).

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