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Thread: Will Morecambe finish 6th next season?

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    Will Morecambe finish 6th next season?

    From their last 5 League two matches Morecambe took 8 points, so 1.6 per match.

    That ratio of points per match over 46 matches results in 73.6 points.

    This 2018/19 season Tranmere finished 6th on 73 points, Forest Green finished 5th on 74 points.

    Up Salford, indeed very much so, right up 'em.

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    Morecambe are the tramps of div 4.

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    Carlisle United are the tramps of tier 4. There's **** all income, loads of debt, an ancient ground that's vulnerable to flooding and is covered in bird ****.

    Morecambe have a 21st century ground that constantly makes money.
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    They might have a 21st century ground, but they have a 1950s mentality, cloth caps, swearing, not being able to speak english in a intelligible way, cloggers, foulers, time wasters, cheats, wife beaters, chips and peas gobblers, fantasists, benefit scroungers, socialist dogs, and neer do wells.

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    wife beaters
    Morecambe beat **** all.

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