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Thread: Cumulative Prediction League after Week 39 The Final Table

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    Cumulative Prediction League after Week 39 The Final Table

    312 Acido
    302 Claw84
    290 Wolves71
    283 Alfinyalcabo
    277 dagenhamJohn
    275 Davee59
    265 Griff
    255 Gaz1959
    251 frenchlion
    244 Altobelli
    242 Tricky1966

    Congratulations Acido for being this seasons champion. Well done claw for reaching the 300 points mark and falling just short, having led for much of the season.
    Tricky failed to catch Altobelli in the battle at the other end of the table where strangely they were the top two in the weekly table!

    Finally thanks to you all for taking part, I hope you enjoyed it? Enjoy your summer break and we will do it all again in August.

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    Well done to the Yawkshire Tard..

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    Tricky wins the wooden spoon

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    Yes well done Acido, you had a very good couple of scores during the season, Davee great job running the league, look forward to next season. Meanwhile you have the champions league final to finish a great season, best of luck, I will be watching.

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    Cheers David.
    I almost clawed it back but alas a bit to late.
    Ps good luck in the Champions league final
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    Ok lads Ive stayed calm here so far because Ive been working these past 4-on nights (and I didnt touch a drop then lol).
    But now Im relaxing and chilling and supping beers till the weekend etc, and Im going to go apeshi*t now about me winning this prestigious superb England Mad Preds League for 2018-19.

    Anyway lads, heres some end of season (slightly sloshed comments from me lol)...

    To Dave of Tottingham, tahh for doing this this thing for us all this season. And good luck with turning 60 soon lol, and good luck in a certain little upcoming game against Liverpool.

    To Tricky of Wet Spam, maybe claret isnt your teams colour after all eh kid. Try going with the all white thing, it seems to work for Leeds lol.

    To Gaz of Sweden Fc, its a shame mate that your teams board has flopped this season, almost as badly as an Oxford fan would do in the job centre.

    To two of my biggest footymad mates uncle Alf & Alto the bussy, when will you both finally admit that we/Yorkshire rule the war of the roses. And good luck eh to both of our Burnsley teams next season, I think we really might need it.

    To Daggers of Wet Spam, see the comments I made above to Tricky eh lol.

    To Claw of NOLU!!, this Preds battle was a good one this season mate, and I thought you had won this a long time ago. But then Mr 'Acido' really kicked in and I started getting amazing points each week. Didnt I get 19 points one week which I think was and still is a record.

    And also to Claw & Frenchie, well done to Harris & co for just managing to sneak it and stay up this season. And yet again eh lads lol, but hey at least you will be playing us/Barnsley again next season.

    Now then lads, wheres my England Mad Preds Championship Trophy for 2018-19, will it arrive in the post in the next few days, and will I have to sign for it ?.
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