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Thread: is it possible to get a good manager using J Nelms data method??????????????

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    is it possible to get a good manager using J Nelms data method??????????????

    Been thinking about this without any agenda etc and lets face it the data method has failed miserably on its previous outings.
    Can Nelms make it work?
    indeed are there any managers who would fulfil the data requirements?

    head got sore just thinking about it
    dont think the data process will work and hope to hell Nelms has a plan b

    so do you think the data process will work

    interested to hear other posters view

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    Not unless it's applied with so much flexibility that it renders itself pointless.

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    I think it will be applied much more loosely than it was previously.

    Get out clause (for want of a better term) cud be manager and asst or manager and dof or mentoring figure having the criteria between them.

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    I, just think the law of averages says, he can't get it so wrong three times in a row.... one can just hope..

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    Where we are at the moment as a Club means we need someone with a bit of charisma as well as experience - someone that will get us playing good attacking football and get the fans , players and indeed the whole club smiling again.
    It has been toxic and it needs sorted

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    Think the most important factor will be whether the new manager is a name we know with a CV that we can analyse and either gain comfort from or perhaps feel fearful about, or JN goes for someone who has been a coach at a high level at another club for a number of years and has a proven track record of success at that club.

    Not convinced that DoF with a coach, will be any better than what has happened before. It seems to me that the problems have been caused by the decisions made by the people who were appointed as manager and I don't think JN will ever let any new manager have as free a hand as he gave PH, NM and JM. In business it's very common to have non exec directors who are not paid very much for a few days work each month. Maybe there are some people around Dundee who have their ear to the ground in terms of football and they would be happy to provide a sounding board for potential signings.

    It seemed to me that our signings were poor and that created a big problem but of equal importance was the lack of any team tactics. hopefully the tactics side of things will be addressed with the appointment of the new manager. Never mind the status or the contacts or the chatter about any new manager, for me, the key things are what is he doing at present, and is the team that he's currently with performing well. Think they should review videos of games and see how well the team is drilled. Current success elsewhere seems to me to be essential, regardless of criteria.

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    If there was anything that should have been kept in-house, it's the bizarre way Nelms claims to have appointed McIntyre, making him the perfect fit based on the criteria. Zipped up the back, we must be.

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