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Thread: Pompey vs Sunderland

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    Jul 2009

    Pompey vs Sunderland

    Gonna be another close game - but Pompey, with home advantage, should shade it, don't ya think?

    Anticipating the possibility of Pompey coming to Wales again

    But for whom will Bogle be playing? He seems to have cleaned up his 'wild man' act since his sojourn at Southsea.

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    Jul 2009
    Well, that went well!

    Couldn't score in 180+ minutes (including around 20 minutes against ten men)!

    Knackered after a long season?

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    Hey Pompey kid forget about the footy, who the heck is that in your avatar picture eh, whats her e-mail address & mobile number ?.
    Come on lad, spill the beans!.
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