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Thread: Bit quiet around here..

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    Feb 2010

    Bit quiet around here..

    Thought I'd check in and see how you ladies were doing.

    I would offer to buy you all a drink, but I'd be worried you'd choke on it.

    Maybe have a singalong, instead - https://twitter.com/GeorgePlank/stat...710248449?s=19

    Enjoy Division 3.


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    Feb 2010
    Bumpety bump..

    Stonking start to the season, guys - hope your bunch of ragtag hoofers can maintain this consistency until next May (or whenever Division 2 wraps up).

    Good effort

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    Jul 2012
    Strangely enough this board used to be one of the best going back ten years - I used to regularly have a bit of banter here - none of the guys from back in the day seem to be here anymore - a shame really - good banter from here in the past

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