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Thread: St Mirren away

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    St Mirren away

    St Mirren have balsed up the sale of tickets for Sunday.

    Dundee United tickets on sale to season ticket holders

    SMFC Webteam
    Saints News

    Tickets for Sunday's play-off final match against Dundee Utd at the Simple Digital Arena are now on sale to season ticket holders.

    Prices are in line with the SPFL's minimum pricing of 18 for adults and 12 for concessions.

    The ticket office opening hours will be extended this week and we'll have full details of that on tomorrow.

    Despite making all the advance preparations we could for the ticket sales for our upcoming play-off games we have been undone by an unexpected glitch.

    Everything was set up in preparation for the tickets to go on sale tomorrow, however, the ticketing system went live last night and it appears that this has allowed people to buy tickets. This has now become common knowledge and everybody is now buying tickets.

    As of now we have put a hold on anyone buying a ticket who is not a season ticket holder until 10am on Monday morning.

    We have also put a hold on all season ticket holders seats until 4pm tomorrow to allow anyone who does not buy online to come down to the ticket office.

    Unfortunately this will not allow fans whose seats have been sold to get them back but it will give them the opportunity to buy the best of what is left.

    We would like to apologise in advance to all those who are unable to get their regular seat.

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    Gonna be a heap of these bought by us ha ha

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    Ours went in an hour! I know folk who queued from late last night that didn't get. ☹️

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    I didnt get a ticket for Sunday but am going now no colors though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arabbucks View Post
    I didnt get a ticket for Sunday but am going now no colors though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offshore_arab83 View Post
    Gonna be a heap of these bought by us ha ha
    Yes I bought two tickets - know plenty others and loads have bought hospo. My fear is they will cancel tix from DD postodes.

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