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Thread: A bit amiss

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    A bit amiss

    Of us all on here to not acknowledge the Ladies team. I may even get down to see a few games next season...... on the weeks that Mrs Jules goes to her mothers..........
    Seriously, Large Oaks from little Acorns grow, and with a bit of backing Iím sure we can compete with some (if not all) of the so called WPL. Iím surprised our esteemed owners havenít locked on to the fact that Oakwell could be buzzing every week when the menís team are away, and offered their backing.
    I may have missed a congratulatory post for their recent win on here, but now having seen the pictures I shall follow it a bit more closely. Iím embarrassed Iíve overlooked our lasses.
    And even better that they SMASHED HTFC!

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    use to watch ladies football many many moons ago had a friend that played she use to play for HTFC back then she was a very good player and it was a decent standard to watch.

    ive seen ladies reds twice and there not bad defo one of the best teams in this league its only the price of a pint to watch em so really no excuses to go and watch they should really get out of this league next season.

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    It's not my cup of char in all honesty but congratulations to them and very well done .

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