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Thread: Ending on a high

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    Ending on a high

    Entertaining game to end the season - more goals, proof David Turnbull is actually human and a couple more debuts.

    Eighth place and more than 50-plus points is certainly a solid enough season for us but there's still a lingering feeling we missed a chance to do, well, I'm not sure what. With the modern trend of short contracts and loans, we will very rarely start a season with a base we are happy with - last summer's policy was disastrous but even after that it took us so long to change things. What if we'd trusted Turnbull earlier? What if we'd immediately played a game which suited Gorrin? What if we'd realised Hartley was done in August? Frankly it probably wouldn't have added up to much more than we ended up with, midtable and still no trophy. But it would be nice to know.

    Summer will be a busy time and we enter with cautious optimism.

    We can also be happy Hamilton survived on the last day, that won't do us any harm either.

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    A good entertaining game with which to end the season and a win. More Academy graduates in Cornelius and Devine made their debuts and a chance to say goodbye to others.

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