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Thread: Man city winning everything....

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    May 2012

    Man city winning everything....

    All whats wrong in football today, surely something has to change, 6.0 in a final is not how it should be!
    Buying success is boring.

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    That record has survived for over 100 years for a reason. Inequality in the Prem has never been greater. Hell, I’m going to miss the Championship

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    It really really wouldn't upset me to not go up. Honestly!

    The fair play rules that were brought in did nothing to stop this. Man City have a quarter of a billion pounds in defenders. To get 97 points, lose only 1 game all season and not win the title is shocking.

    Realistically, finishing 7th is an eamazing achievement and at least for Wolves, the man City win today means they qualified for Europe.

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    Agree with all of the above except Picasso - we ain't up yet!

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    It was tongue in cheek WCV but I couldn’t find the winky emoji

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    Thing is a few pl teams spend loads but city and pep are just an absolute class above arenít they ?

    I never thought Iíd say this as when we got relegated I was like all of us absolutely gutted but I wonít be crying into my beer Monday if we lose for reasons stated above ! Kinda loving the championship now 😂 but all that said the pl is the holy grail I guess and if we win some shrewd signings and we could compete for top half maybe ?

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    I'd say City and Liverpool are both different class, Spurs also look very good - the top 6 hoover up loads of points but competing for top half if we do go up and our owners invest isn't unrealistic. I too have enjoyed the championship and don't really mind which league we are in as long as we are competing, which we weren't once MON left.

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