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Thread: Another one bites the dust

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    Another one bites the dust

    Here we go again as another manager runs away at the first offer from another club that comes his way. No sooner had the season finished with a new manager in charge, we find ourselves back to square one.
    Iím here until Iím not wanted, I am here for the long term, I have a project to see through, kiss the badge, blah blah blah, heard it all before from Martinez, Rodgers, and now Potter. Is there no loyalty left in football.
    One thing is for sure, the last three years have been an unmitigated disaster, since our American hedge fund owners took charge in 2016.
    We were a stable Premier League club when they took over, with no debt. Three years later we are a manager-less mid table Championship club with 19 players gone last season alone, and a £30 million black hole to fill.
    They have invested zilch, zero, zip, nada, of their own money since purchasing majority shares from the sell outs, and only sold and sold player assets for peanuts and brought inferior players in.
    With no obvious intentions to get us back up to the PL, they are still in the process of selling anything with a pulse, and have moved on from selling the senior players to selling the youngsters, who are the future of the club.
    What a bleak outlook it is with these people in charge. They are ashamed to show their faces after what theyíve done, and havenít been seen at the club for over a year.
    Theyíve mis-managed the club to such a degree that no manager in their right mind would want to come here.

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    So, over a month later its come down to the imminent appointment of Steve Cooper, the present England Under-17s Manager.
    They've gone for another relative rookie choice instead of someone with EFL experience, and it will be a huge gamble. Some will say it's the cheap option and they could be right, but only time will tell.
    Meanwhile we continue with the fire sale, moving on to the young players. The best young player of last season, Dan James, has gone, sadly, and one wonders which one of our kids will be next, as our club is systematically dismantled.

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    It’s official, the new Head Coach is Steve Cooper!
    Good luck to him this season in the Championship, such a tough league to get promoted from.
    Cooper will be bringing fellow England Under 17’s coach Mike Marsh with him as his assistant.
    We wait with bated breath for the next appointment which is Head of Recruitment, as we go for the continental approach, spreading the responsibility of running the club into departments, but all working in unison for the common goal.
    The priority must now be to unload the Ayew brothers and Borja Baston, all a massive drain on club resources, and to help fill the alleged black hole of £30 million since our PL demise.

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