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Thread: Duches of Sutherland for Woodlands O/T

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    Duches of Sutherland for Woodlands O/T

    Hi Guys first post for a while, been in a bad state again so not felt like joining in with rest of the world much,coming out of it now so hopefully can post on here again more often. Some may remember I posted railway videos and they seemed popular so I hope its ok to start off with one.. This ones for Woodlands as its the same class of loco as your avatar.. 6233 Duchess of Sutherland climbing Rattery Bank in Devon..
    Ive been to a couple of games towards end of season as I still live in Dorset, the Brighton and the Arsenal matches.. you couldnt get two more different games than those !!
    What a team we have.. so pleased we have done so well.


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    Great to hear from you again Dorset. Glad to see you are putting your "set backs" behind you. Keep at it mate.

    Loved the movie clip. I only saw the Duchess of Sutherland one time but it was unforgettable. I was with a mate one Sunday morning on our way for a day of spotting, we were close to Bushbury shed when we heard a loco working hard nearby so we cut onto a piece of wasteland near to the line. And here she came looking a dream in a spotless green livery. She was numbered 46233 at the time and was a very rare "kop" as she was a Polmadie[Glasgow] engine and rarely seen south of Carlisle. What a start to the day!!

    Thanks for bringing it all back to me. Keep in touch.

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