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Thread: Uncomfortable

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    There was a minutes applause before the Champions League Final for a young man who killed himself and at least one other due to allegedly driving a car at 120 miles an hour. There seems to be a growing trend to have this type of ceremony before football matches in recent years. Is it time that we stopped this trend and maybe just had it in a few select cases?

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    Fully agree David these ceremonies in my opinion devalue the said tragedies altogether.
    I have lost people through accidents and suicide and the respects were done in private whether it was a drink up or church event.
    So i agree this trend should be stopped as in my humble opinion it devalues the respect of tragedies.

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    If he had played for Liverpool or spurs I could have understood it .

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    commiserations mon Spud

    and yes they are boringly modern these ceremonies!

    he was obviously highly held in Spain, so what the feck!!

    why did Brucie lead the line

    thrown away imo!!!!

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    Prefer a minutes silence to that silly clapping milarky..

    Once a season at a Burnley they have a minutes silence for all the Burnley fans that have died over the year whilst showing heir names on the big screen.. Very moving indeed..

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    Just reading the report he was driving over 135 mph on a 75 mph limit makes me just think it was his own fault so what kind of idiots would applaud that.?
    He could have killed other road users!.

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