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Thread: The dack interest is back on

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    The dack interest is back on

    It would appear both Aston villa and Brighton are showing a interest in Bradley dack,now I hope we stand firm on this.
    I am not about to chirp on that he is irreplaceable because he is,however we have 2 premiership teams interested so why not push for 18-20 million.
    What that could do for our side as a whole would be next level,in terms of quality we could bring in.

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    Robin - the market, as far as PL clubs are concerned, seems to be inflating yet again, so that price somehow becomes credible - ridiculous as it seems to me!
    The problem is, if it happened, the asking-price for any of our targets would also shoot up!

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    Personally, the concerning one is Lenihan. This is just nonsensical paper talk, that will happen every week until the window shuts. It won't have any creditable value this story. All players are away. Tony is away, Dack is away, his agent is away. Not sure who these clubs have contacted, maybe it was the cleaner at Brockhall?
    I am not losing any sleep over the thought of Dack going. It's win win for us. We have no real money to spend across the squad, unless we sell. 15-18m would be alot to use. We could easily end up stronger.
    If he stays, then we keep our best player. And I expect another good season from him, hopefully with a bit more consistency.
    The biggest fear I have is losing either at the very last moment, giving us no time to get in a replacement.
    We are a well run club, if we have an inkling Dack will be leaving, then the biggest sign will be if we get in a replacement before he left. That's what a smart club would do. Once we sell Dack, the players we then go for are all inflated. If we plan things, the potential loss of both of our best players won't hit us as we have planned for it.
    It will be interesting what happens. I expect a very long summer, and numerous links to players in and out that will mostly be way off the mark.
    If Dack wants to leave, hopefully he will let us know. Which gives us time.

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