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Thread: Budget remains the same

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    Budget remains the same

    So, a slight decrease in real terms, but not the 25% decrease that was expected. As he says, it's not what you've got, it's what you do with it. But offering one year contracts isn't the way to attract talent. - External Link

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    Hello Footymad, Id like to congratulate you on being the only Carlisle fan on here, except for Griff. I know how you feel, im the only Cambridge fan on the Cambridge board. I suspect one year contracts are about not having to pay up dead wood if new signings dont work out, which the odds are that they wont.

    Mellish will be one that hits skid row.

    Cambridge have paid out a lot of money to players on long contracts who dont perform, if then we they do become valuable, sign for other clubs anyway. You cant win. You wont make more money on scarce good players moving on than players on say two year contracts who dont perform or give a damn.
    You will pay out more contractually on two year contracts than you will make on a sale.

    I dont want to depress you but it is unavoidable, reality is unavoidable, sorry.

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