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Thread: Bowery Gone

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    Bowery Gone

    Official Facebook "DEPARTURE: Jordan Bowery has this afternoon signed for MK Dons in League One

    He officially turned down the offer of a new #CreweAlex contract this morning 👍

    Good luck to Jordan for the future, thank you for your service! 👏"

    So now we know. In fairness, looks a good move for him.

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    I for one wonít miss him. Think we can do far better. Awful first touch, poor goals to games ratio and canít head the ball.
    Ran his socks off to be fair (when in the mood).
    Wish him well, but canít see him being a success in the league above.

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    Not a LG 1 striker. Worked his nuts off but the higher you go the more is needed.

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    If miller goes we will be a little short in the forwards department, do hope we can find a genuine 20 goals a season man. I for one am a little disappointed in Bowery’s departure thought he was a useful player at league 2 level, but do agree a squad player at MK Dons at best will be surprised if he is a regular starter but good luck to him.

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    I’m disappointed to see him leave as, whilst a 1 goal every 5 games is not a good return for a striker, he brought pace to the side - not sure that anyone other than Dale (and the ageing Miller) will, certainly not Porter or Reilly!

    If we continue to play 4-3-3 next season we need options in the wider roles other than the trickery offered by Ainley and Kirk. Bowery was a good ‘out-ball’ when we were under pressure and, as has been pointed out, his work rate was exemplary. Maybe Powell will bring similar attributes, plus a few more goals, although his strike rate is no better at the moment. We shall see and he’ll be given every chance.

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    Definitely divides opinion...I remember quite a lot of frustrating missed sitters but can't fault his work rate, would often track back to RB area and put in a good shift defensively when played at RW. Even when he had poor games his pace and power meant he occupied defenders which is important in the fluid 4-3-3 system we play. Good news is we already have a replacement in Powell.

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    I feel we will miss his contribution to the team . The strength he had in holding up the ball when we were under pressure, no other player in the team can do that . As mentioned the tracking back he did mostly to cover for Kirk , who feels its not his role or unable to do this job as he cannot tackle. I agree the move will make him more of a squad player for MK Dons but he is a player with potential and just needs the right manager and coaching to get the best out of him. Maybe his style was not the Crewe way ?

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    I think Jordan’s strengths were shown when we played 4-3-3 as the responsibility for scoring was shared between the 3 front men - this took the pressure from him I think. He never looked comfortable playing up front with Porter.

    Unfortunately for him he wasn’t always first choice and, whilst he may not be first choice at MK he will be better paid for it!

    Good luck to him, if not to the club!!!

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