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Thread: Young forward in

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    Young forward in

    He talks a good game so let's give the lad a chance. Could be beneficial for both parties, but he needs to start well or the paddock will be on his back. - External Link

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    The Cambridge manager, Colin Calderwood was assistant manager last season at Villa till wots is name left, and he signed Harvey Knibbs from Aston Villa as he had coached him at Villa most probably in the same team as this bloke. Knibbs is under 23. Knibbs has no first team experience, and it will be how quickly he adjusts to proper football, if he does at all.

    It will be interesting who works out and who doesnt. There was a midfielder who we got on loan from Villa last year, a youngster, who is now a free. He was gooood, but as always with Cambridge players. always injured. There was also a left winger from villa on loan who was pretty good, but you could see on his face that mens football is a shock.

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