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Thread: Ryan Williams: Farewell piece

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    Ryan Williams: Farewell piece

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    I was wondering what the latest was with Ryan. I saw the post title and assumed he was gone.
    He did ok with us and we certainly helped him.
    Good luck to him.

    When I say "gone" I mean gone somewhere else rather than just out of contract
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    He was the one who I wanted to stay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shark27 View Post
    He was the one who I wanted to stay!
    At the last game of the season when the players did their lap of “honour” Williams and young sprog Zog, was noticeably trailing the main mob of the rest of the players. At the time I thought “ this lad is leaving”

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    Shame he is going. I thought we did not play him in his best position to often and is one of the reasons we did not stay up last season.

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    He's not been here since around November tbh. Up until that point he was probably the player who had impressed me the most, and looked comfortable playing against championship/ex Premier league opposition.
    His form from then on was patchy.
    Good luck to him though, I also wish we could have held on to him for one more season at least.

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    The only player I saw Warne shout at. But agree he probably had an attitude about where he was played and his role in the team. He was the one who could truly threaten defenders as a winger or at least someone who could "commit" defenders.

    That's a real blow !

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    There was a few times when he was brought on as a late sub when he almost single handily ran the click down either by keeping possession of the ball or drawing fouls high up the pitch near their corner flag.

    Good player but needed to be more of a team player.
    He's probably leaving because he knows he's going to get a stuffing in the ashes.

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