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Thread: Farther's Day

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    Farther's Day

    The local WI organised a surprise Father's Day BBQ for the dads in the village and even laid on some barrels of ale. No male was allowed within touching distance of a grill and we were not allowed to offer any cooking advice. Personally I had no problem obeying their rules but I think a few did. This was followed by some very competive Sussex games of Stoolball and a quiz which if our team had listened to me when I said Frey Bentos was in Uruguay and not Argentina we would have done better in. Goodday and late night was had by all.

    Anyone else get a surprise treat?

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    No one likes a smart @rse 923 buddy.
    PS where was Spam from and why ?

    PPS both my children (boys) live overseas (Canada and Oz) so Fathers Days celebrations are via FaceTime. Also the event is a different day in Oz ?!
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    Something to do with pork ham WWii and Yanks I think.

    My kids are all away as well. Two 100's of miles away in the UK the other just made his temp job in States permanent. Good luck to them I say but I do wish they were closer almost as much as their mum does.

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    I was invited to the daughter/SIL's pub to be given the news -- in a rather delightful way -- that they've started brewing their own beer.

    I don't remember much of Monday!

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