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Thread: Ex Goalkeeper Adam Collin says Alan Hardy's biggest mistake was sacking Kevin Nolan

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    Quote Originally Posted by i961pie View Post
    Maybe so but can you imagine the atmosphere if Nolan had stayed and lost the next 6 games?
    It is all ifs and buts.
    In some ways that would have been a good thing as it would put all these people who think he was doing a grand job to rest.

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    So hardys biggest mistake was getting rid of Nolan, Some might say one of Nolans many mistakes was not getting a decent goalie Mr Collin.

    I'm a bit fed up of these no name, average or worse players having their say on the mess at Notts, Collin would be completely forgettable if he wasn't the least worst of the half-dozen or so crappy keepers we've had in the last 2 years.

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