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Thread: What price McCarron

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    What price McCarron

    So, is the reported 250,000 enough for the lad? Could it be higher if Wolves and Derby are also sniffing around? I’d put in a sell-on clause for 25% and bite their hands off. With the threats of injuries in the lower leagues it’s too much of a risk to keep him - and we need the money. Of course, when he goes we won’t find out the details, but expect it to be north of the 250,000 quoted.

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    Well, he’s gone..


    The fee was always going to be undisclosed, but if they’ve held out for their initial valuation as claimed, then I expect it to be close to the 250,000 being bandied about. Now, let’s use some of it to improve the squad. Anyone listening?

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    That would be a no griff.

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    He's been poorly advised by his parents and David Reeves, in honesty. A quick buck in the short term may well result in reduced earnings for the remainder of his career.

    His development would've been far better suited to a season of first team football in a genuinely competitive environment rather than a year or two rotting in Leeds U23 squad - before being listed for loan and ending up in Division Four anyway (two years after you started).

    From what we saw last season he was still extremely raw. Capable of blistering pace and has a decent cross on him but his shooting technique and general passing ability looked weak, as well as (inevitably for a very young lad) his lack of composure and poor decision making in the final third.

    The best way to improve his game and realise his potential is in a first team environment. Ironically, exactly what Spurs have recognised with the signing of Clarke (from Leeds). The longer Mccarron sits in the reserve environment, the harder it will be for him to take the step up.

    That said I wish him him well and best of fortune.

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