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Thread: O/T When the phuck will this country wake up?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teddy Bear View Post
    I’d like to see us become a real country, the Scots has their chance for being independent and voted against it. Now that is over we should unite the union and our real country. Great Britain. We should have one football association, and league structure. One day we can all enjoy the mighty Glasgow Rangers fc v Man City fc in the premiership one day soon.
    Now,now TB,Your effort's at getting the thread closed are on a par with the due diligence done by the now dead Glasgow Rangers on the legendary Craig Whyte,WASC with a FACT.The name of the new club you support is The Rangers Football Club Ltd and was formed in the year of our lord 2012,it currently has never won a major honour and that is the biggest FACT i have ever posted.

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    We will keep our name
    We will keep our trophy count
    We will keep our traditions- coz no one wants them
    We accept our fan base
    We will not pay our debt - that is the other club’s
    We will not apologise for the abuse against our youth players - the other club is responsible for that
    We will not accept we financially cheated - a big boy boy done it and ran awa
    We will continue to spend money we Dinna have
    The mantra of the current bun

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