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Thread: Garry Naysmith on Sportsound

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    Garry Naysmith on Sportsound

    He was on Saturday talked about his time with Queens, said when you have a run of bad results the manager has to accept some of the blame, but over all did a decent job, especially managing a championship side with the second lowest budget.

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    He did a decent job of nearly getting us relegated. That's more than just a few bad results!

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    I heard most of the programme. As always Naysmith spoke well and with honesty. He certainly acknowledged that he made errors. He still obviously and understandably feels that way the news was delivered to him was poor. I liked him but the decision to end his time as manager was correct. We'll never know but I feel we would have gone down without that change.

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    Dobmeister - there is absolutely no question that Naysmith is a very decent and genuine man, who most definitely had Queens' best interests at heart. However, as you quite rightly point out that would not have translated into saving us from relegation.

    Naysmith had every opportunity to save Queens during the regulation time of the entire season, - but as we entered extra time a very bold and swift decision had to be taken to avoid relegation, and thankfully for Queen of the South that excrutiatingly difficult decision was made for us, - and we should be eternally grateful that it was made on behalf of the entire club.

    Would clubs like Partick Thistle and Falkirk have done exactly the same thing? - you bet they would have and they wouldn't have lost sleep over it either.

    Enough has been said about this matter already, but I for one believe that the best decision was made on behalf of the club, - even though I also believe that Garry Naymsith is an honest, genuine man who did the very best that he could for Queen of the South.

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