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Thread: New Captain Announced!

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    You're on your own with this one RJ min.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donsdaft View Post
    You're on your own with this one RJ min.
    I will fight his corner.

    Scott Wright should be vice captain
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    Quote Originally Posted by RED_JOHN View Post
    A bad move not making Scott McKenna the club captain by the management team. McKenna is Scottish, the outstanding talent in the team and has the highest club profile.
    Nothing against Joe Lewis as I like him but I think this is a mistake.
    What a surprise,Mr "im not negative" being negative...

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    Love Joe to bits, as a bloke and in terms of talent, no issue with him being skipper.

    But personally, I dinna like a goalie as a captain.

    Has that happened since....I'm sure Bobby Clark was captain for a spell?

    Big Jim?

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    Not expected but canít really complain with the decision. I agree that it would have been a lot for McKenna to shoulder. A captain should be in the prime of his career.

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    Good decision.
    Joe is a top bloke. So professional. So calm and controlled with the media
    Just reward for signing on for us for so long

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