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Thread: Signings

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    Well it seems to follow fat squashed heed through the door a number of signings will follow.Here we go,rinse repeat.Give them daft Geordies a few names,win a few games and the heat Ashley will die down.
    He has done it before and it's happened.I hope and pray it doesnt this time.They could win every game 4 nil for me and I wont be happy until he has gone.
    Before Wilf asks where this has come from and is it fact,no it isn't it comes from Pete Graves.So take him on his word or dont.

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    Doesn't matter who he's got in his squad...his track record is that of a pretty shite manager.

    Sooner or later we'll be on a downward trajectory and we'll be fucked.

    My guess is 'sooner'.

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    Rafa made this squad better than the individual skill.

    Bruce has never shown that ability, hence why his career has been around bottom of prem/championship.

    We're ****ed.

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