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Thread: This is how they use spin/PR to brainwash us

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    This is how they use spin/PR to brainwash us

    A good article in the Mag explaining how spin works


    Ash-lie and Bishop are guilty of all of it. Charn-lie is just a gullible feckwit in my opinion (but come the glorious day will be up against the wall with the others)

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    Only one clubs fans will fall for it time after time though.Wonder who that is?

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    Clicked and read the first paragraph, then stopped reading. Honestly, if there are fans that haven't cottoned on to the fat kunts modus operandi by now,
    there is no way they ever will.

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    I can see Wilf stamping his feet now, "No...you are the brainwashed sheep. ..I am a deep thinker...whaaaaaaa."

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