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Thread: Carver

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    If John Carver says so it must be right.


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    ....basically he should get the job because he is a Geordie and loves Newcastle United.

    Bollox. Doesn't love the Toon, cant do.

    I seem to remember the cnt playing out of his skin for Manchester that night in 95 as we dominated them.

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    Who gives a sh ite what carver says
    Carver stole a career at the toon

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    Shola's hoyed his oar in too.

    Wankers, the pair of them.

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    Surely Bruce must realise the amount of well deserved sh!t he's going to get slung at him from the Toon fans and yet still he wants the job. He's a legend in his own mind.

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    It's comical that Carver and Ameobi are deluded enough to even think that anyone has the slightest bit interest in anything either of them have to say. Incredible how anyone like those two can stroll through life without ever having brought any contribution to football whatsoever yet still think in their own world of self importance that they are entitled to their opinions!

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    Carver is a legend in his own house ,that's it!

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