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Thread: Mark Naylor Albion goalkeeping coach

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    Mark Naylor Albion goalkeeping coach

    Good read and a Big thumbs up to Boaz Myhil

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    Big thumbs up to Tony Pulis too.

    “The Tony Pulis era was a big growing up stage for me, because of the way he was and the way he worked.

    “He was really good with me. He also made you stand up for yourself a little bit. We were under a lot of pressure at the time, with relegation looming.

    “He was abrupt with the players, he is what you hear and see. But he was actually very good with the young players.

    “A lot of people thought he was anti-academy, but he wasn’t really. If he thought they were good enough, he was good with them. Tony Pulis gave Rekeem Harper his first opportunity.

    “But first team is totally different, you build up from Monday to Saturday, everything is about winning, you have to win.

    “Psychologically, that era under Tony toughened me up more than anything.”
    Early days of coaching".

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