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Thread: First New Signing

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    First New Signing

    A few outlets are reporting we are making our first new signing of the window - Kyle Scott; a free transfer.

    He's 21 plays in the middle, either central defence or midfield. Formerly of Chelsea (played 1 senior game for them).

    Usually i don't believe these but in this case - Rafa had apparently scouted him and wanted him, he fits the bill in cheap and can be sold on for profit and finally he looks like he plays in the same position of Hayden.

    That would be standard Ashley, sell Hayden for 15-20 million and replace him with a free.

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    Standard NUFC under the fat slug. Only PL club not to have bought a player and our first one in is a free transfer.

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    We need bodies in CM (well..all over except CB and Gk) and he's a good age...not being able to break into the Chelsea side does not mean he's a bad player.

    Anybody know anything about him other than what we can all find on Wiki?

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    We have had great luck signing Chelsea rejects.

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