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Thread: Match at Rolls Royce

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    Quote Originally Posted by drillerpie View Post
    Agree with every word of that!
    Me too - perfectly sums up how I feel about Ardley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Don_ORiordan View Post
    Do I want him gone, no. But to say he played only a “small part” in our relegation is just crackers.
    This. Moniz and Paul Hart played small parts in our relegation from League One.

    Ardley was a large contributing factor in his failure to turn a good squad that then got stronger around over the course of over half a season.

    The only reason he's still here is our ownership shenanigans that have gone on since Hardy got his c*ck out and obviously having him here is better than having nobody here but I don't think he's here on merit personally.

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