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Thread: Todays match - hopefully will confirm things

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    Todays match - hopefully will confirm things

    Never great to lose as we did etc, but first pre - season game against decent opposition, surely now, any doubts that recruits required in a few areas - time to get things moving.
    Defence wise, the lack of a dominant CB, clear, sure in time White will become usefull player, but early days for him.
    DM / CM, take Phillips out, will struggle when faced with a strong / athletic / direct type of opposition, Striker wise, looks like much will fall on Costa"s shoulders, unless Roofe & Bamford suddenly start to click.

    Positives - Harrison looked step up from last year / Hernandez decent for periods / Douglas getting back, but needs to find his Wolves form.

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    Bin Berardi and Cooper, that's not a decision based on today's result. Not good enough in my humble opinion. I'd get rid of Bamford too but we'd have to pay someone to take him, dreadful!!

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    Get used to it. Unless we get 2 proper recognised centre halfs we will get tonked every time. Any corner, high ball, long ball, we havnt a clue.
    And someone tell Bielsa that we dont get awarded points for possession or trying hard, we get them from winning games.

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    Just shows up the gulf in class between premiership and championship, also shows what an absolute ludicrous desicion it was to sell Pontus, not only sell him but have no ready replacement, disruptive or not, it's crazy.

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    They used 24 players ( 11 each half changed entirely ) we used 15 so let’s not get carried away. The two stand out things for me were that Coopers decision making is still suspect and although we were neat at times and cut through them, we still lack the 25 goal striker that could deliver promotion. Last 5hird decision making ,as like last season , was generally poor.

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