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Thread: Crewe vs Burnley

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    Crewe vs Burnley

    Not at the game today as sunning myself in Majorca, great result against a strong Burnley side no Trialists today have they been released ?

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    Pity that the Burnley forum doesn't know where Crewe is. Apparently we are a Staffordshire club based in the Potteries.

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    What was the score and the team . Can we have a match report please

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    Decent performance - played like a real game, just 2 subs made, Jones & Lundstram for Green & Hunt with 16 minutes left - Lundstram going to RB again with Perry Ng finishing at CH. Jaaskelainen, Ng, Pickering, Wintle, Hunt, Nolan, Powell, Green, Porter, Kirk, Lowery in number order. Richards, Reilly, Ainley, Finney, Dale, Sass-Davies unused subs. Lancashire still not risked. Looks like we'd only play triallists who'd signed, and if other thread's right Taylor offered but not accepted deal. Burnley captained by Ash Westwood, Adam Legzdins on bench with Pope in goal - Heaton & Hart at Vale. Barnes and Jay Rodriguez, newly re-signed, up front, Eric Pieters from Sjoke City at LB, mixture of regulars and fringe players, as at the Vale match. Sean Dyche was there, Ian Woan his Assistant, in charge v us.

    We passed the ball decently, especially Tom Lowery with some long passes, Kirky troubled them or just passed back as the mood took him, Porter looked short of match practice, understandably, fluffing chances you'd hope he'd take. Powell was a handful, Greeny full of energy. Good thing Hunt won't have to play CH against Premiership forwards all season. Eddie Nolan was himself, apart from a little handbags episode with one of their Irish CHs near the end. Will J tipped one pile driver from Westy over the bar early on, probably their best chance, we scored the sort of goal Kirky was giving us late last season, ball at his feet on left of area from a long pass and a flick on by Porter, back across keeper into far corner. We saw it out well for 1-0, including defending a lot of corners. Of course, as Prem sides do, they let us play more than Newport or sides like that will do, and as DA said they were a week behind us in preparation, a bit of the sort of lack of touch we showed at Nantwich, but a typical Crewe play well against good teams afternoon.

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    I was very impressed! I know that pre-season matches are often not much to go on but the quality of the pass and move (at least for the first hour) was very good. I assume that the last 20 minutes was a deliberate exercise in holding on to the 1-0 lead.
    Lowery was very good, fully involved, getting stuck in and demonstrating some sublime passing. Perry enjoyed himself - 2 nutmegs and flick over the defenders head. Wintle was great with the ball and going forward but went missing without it a couple of times. Green started really well but just as I was pointing that out to a neighbour, he started giving the ball away! Kirky was at his most frustrating best. One minute brilliant, another crap. Powell looks useful but like his predecessor needs to work on the final ball. Porter was off the pace.
    The game raised my appetite for the coming season. However, as mentioned above, it should be good against a ball playing team on a pitch full of grass but will happen come the cold and wet on a ploughed up pitch?

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