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Thread: Player Ratings - Crawley at Home

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    Player Ratings - Crawley at Home

    Apologies from me in advance of tomorrow - I will be providing ratings this season now I know Panface loves to read them so much.

    However, we're throwing a tiki party at my house tomorrow evening and I have a ton of prep work to complete after the conclusion of the match at 9am.

    Bizarrely, Salford City are all over the football channel here - there's a large following for the Premier League in this part of the world, but an oblivious disregard for anything outside of the top division (understandably). You're more likely to get folk wanting a crack about Chelsea, Arsenal or Gareth Bale than you are about ice hockey - however there is still a collective shame and hangover after the riots following the Stanley Cup Final in 2011...

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    Ta Piglet, good stuff.

    Will you be wearing a grass skirt to your party? There’s a picture I’ll find difficult to get out of my head for a while.

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    Plenty of positives from yesterday....

    The pick of the new signings were Bridge in midfield (great movement on the ball and nice crisp distribution), Knight-Percival’s class and composure at the back and the blistering pace of McKirdy.

    From last year’s players, Collin was outstanding, Jones held the midfield together and Thomas created the goals.

    Mellish looked like a central defender playing left-back, but when he settled looked quite solid. Scougall I was disappointed with, despite his goal he was struggling to find blue shirts with his passing. Elliot did well with the ball – but his error for the goal was schoolboy to say the least.

    Alohomora looked a bit rusty upfront, but showed the difference playing wth actual forward upfront makes and Loft looks perfectly built to be effective in Division Four (Crawley couldn’t handle him).

    I really don’t know about Candace Cameron off the bench, however. Looked like he was chasing chickens around a farmyard. Although in fairness you can’t really judge as he only arrived on Friday.

    I’m really positive about the season especially with our “star striker” still to arrive, let’s hope receiving a likely beating at Swindon next week doesn’t destroy our confidence too much.

    Oh, and grass skirt yes – but also with a bra made out of halved coconut.

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