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Thread: Where is Floppy, Bury going bust.

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    Where is Floppy, Bury going bust.

    I suppose he will pretend he doesn't care, hes good at denying the obvious. Fine ground, no fans though, and now no money.
    Burys best days were about 1764, says it all, a hundred years of nothingness.

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    Bury are certainly in a sorry state and it's on looking good with them and the EFL,they are massively in debt and I can't see any way out for them,I feel sorry for their fans if I'm honest because I think that they thought that the good times was here but it's all turned sour,their first two games have already been postponed while the EFL decide what to do but I fear expulsion,Bolton are in the same position and Notts could have been if it wasn't for the late takeover by the Danes,one day a big club will implode mark my words and then and only then with the stupid money for players slow down

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