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Thread: Player Ratings - Swindon Away

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    Player Ratings - Swindon Away

    “Wave your hands in the air like you don't care
    Glide by the people as they start to look and stare
    Do your dance, do your dance, do your dance quick mamma
    Come on baby tell me what's the word”

    A frustrating afternoon all told, there was easily something for us in the game today, one point definitely possibly even three, but in the end I think plenty of positives for the coming season.

    Tactically the manager got it pretty much spot on this afternoon. With the players Swindon have signed this summer you’re never going to turn up there in August and play open, expansive football – and we nullified them expertly in and around our plenty area (in the first half) Collin made one or two decent saves, but was never really stretched and we created the best opportunity of the half when good work from Thomas led to a gilt-edged opportunity for Bridge – but his shot was too close to the keeper and was smartly saved.

    With the change of ends at half time we were very much in the ascendency and a Halpin-esque run by McKirdy down the left-wing (past four defenders) and deft cut back set Olomola up for a composed finish to give us the lead.

    And that’s where it all went wrong for Pressley.

    A scrambled poacher’s finish from Yates brought the equaliser (no surprise the ball came in from the left the afternoon Mellish was having), underlining what a mistake John Sheridan made playing him on the wing for four months last season. And then some bizarre substitutions. Olomola had just scored and McKirdy had ripped Swindon’s defence to shreds. Mellish was having a genuine nightmare at left-back and Scougall had been weak and uninfluential chasing the ball like a lost whippet all game – yet Scougall was moved out to the left, where he was equally unconvincing.

    Indeed, even at 1-1 we were comfortable – Scougall was comfortable enough he felt he didn’t have to defend against his man at a corner and he could put his feet up, have a cup of tea, read the paper and calmly watch as the Swindon player he was supposed to be marking had the freedom of our penalty area to power his header past Collin. Managerial failure 101 – get your substitutions right and we don’t conceded the second goal.

    In old money, the sending off wasn’t even a free-kick, let alone any sort of card. Carroll was frustrated at being kneed in the back minutes earlier and fully committed to the tackle – but he won the ball first, without a doubt – and his studs were pointing down. It’s a sad reflection on the modern game this kind of challenge is deemed a sending off.

    The third goal came from over-committing and chasing the game – which is understandable after 90 minutes. And in fairness, even with ten men we still might’ve gained parity. The Swindon keeper saved excellently at his near post to deny Thomas but could do nothing when Thomas played Sagaf in for our second. Sagaf’s cameo one of many positives for the afternoon – the only negatives the performances of Mellish and Scougall and the manager’s poor decisions for substitutions.

    Collin – 6 – Some smart saves, but too readily punted the ball long into the wind during the first half. Even when the ball reached halfway, Olomola is never going to be effective fighting for headers – a captain should realise this.

    Elliott – 6 – Some decent touches and generally solid. Worringly, he got too close to his man again and was easily beaten on his right in a carbon copy of the way Crawley scored against us last week – he needs to sharpen up.

    Mellish – 2 – More twisting than Chubby Checker. Panic stations when he has the ball at his feet and defensively horrible. Looked every bit like a central defender trying to be a full back. It’s looking a tough step up for him into the professional game – and we have Iredale on the bench...

    Webster – 6 – Generally solid, some keystone cops moments in possession however. Still feeling his way into the back four, but will probably improve the more games he plays with Knight-Percival

    Knight-Percival – 7 – Again the pick of our defenders (although not as composed on the ball this week), he’ll look better when he concentrate on his own game and not have to baby Mellish through the entire 90 minutes.

    Jones – 6 – Battled gamely, but often at full stretch and outnumbered. Without him we’d be in a bit of trouble defensively...

    Scougall – 1 – Utter drivel. Weak, behind the game, unable to string a pass together and the game completely passed him by. Sagaf showed more value in ten minutes than Scougall managed in eighty. At the minute playing Scougall in midfield leaves a void which pulls the rest of the team around it.

    Bridge – 6 – Some neat touches and good tackling, looks an excellent signing – but needs more help in midfield.

    McKirdy – 7 – Gains an extra mark for the piece of outstanding football which made our first goal. Always a problem for the Swindon defence although ran down blind alleys a little too much in the first half. Was devastatingly effective at the start of the second half and was then inexplicably subbed.

    Olomola – 7 – Battled gamely against two players twice his size all afternoon, held the ball up and well and took his goal with a sublime finish. Deserved to stay on the pitch longer.

    Thomas 7* - We need to get him on the ball in the final third more, created one goal, might've scored himself and created another and genuinely looks like a match winner at this level.


    Carroll – Feisty, at the minute I’m not convinced but he needs time to settle clearly.

    Loft – Big, slow, ineffective.

    Sagaf – Looks to have good feet and an actual brain (we’ll soon beat that out of him). A refreshing change to see a midfielder the furthest player forward and he read the play superbly for his goal. Showed some good touches and tackled well. On this basis it looked a very poor decision to bring Carroll on before him – and in truth – I’d give him a start in our next game.
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