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Woods was put under pressure once and didn't handle it. The defence were not placed under a great deal of pressure - full backs stopped crosses as they should so we were not pressured in front of goal.

Far better movement and passing although Shrewsbury not a great test on the night.

Asking for bans is a skumbag thing to do especially when I insult no one even those that insult me.

I read a few posts when they offer news but opinions are just those - opinions and certain posters actually go and have kicked a ball before - so have some credibility.

I have my own opinions and stick by them. Schoolboy antics simply are an embarrassing part of MM that is embedded now - ignored if not encouraged by those that need the responsibility to feel involved - sadly they are the most childish and turn a blind eye to infringements of the MM rules.

PS: Frogs & Cams are inputs that I care not to read as they are commonly as petulant as the teenagers on here who never kicked a ball.

MM is Going downhill sharply....asking for banning for my input on this thread is simply pathetic although a ban would be typical of this site as I am definately not one of the very small cresch.
I'd be interested to see an example of my petulance. As for MM going downhill sharply, don't see it myself but there are other Millers message boards available to those who want to try them.