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    Well that seemed reasonably straight forward. Did anyone go / get a look at our new prospects?

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    Enjoyed the game, we had most of the possession and thought the kids all played well especially Knight. We seem to have a lot of talent coming through which is good to see. Man of the match for me was Krystian Bielik, you can just see that he's quality.

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    14 players used, 7 of which are Academy products. 2 of them were playing out of position, Lowe at RB and Buchanan at LB and neither looked out of place.

    In his post match interview Cocu said that Bogle's ankle injury is not critical but is worse than hoped for. That was why they put Lowe on the right again to give him more time in that role. IMO he will be at RB until Bogle is fit.

    With Lowe temporarily at RB, I would be quite happy to see centre back Buchanan at LB. He looks a better bet than Malone to me.

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