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Thread: Come back Tammy, we love you here!

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    May 2012

    Come back Tammy, we love you here!

    After reading the disgusting racist and abusive tweets from so called Chelsea fans gave Tammy after he missed the crucial penalty in the super cup final. I say, walk out Tammy, don't put up with that crap, your loved here, rip your contract up and sign for us. You certainly will not get any abuse here, you are a hero, your goals helped get us promoted and we will always remember That penalty v the bogrolls that got us to Wembley.
    Rise above big man. UTV

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    Pretty nasty stuff eh but wonder whether itís internet trolls rather than Chelsea fans tbh..

    Seems quite a few villa fans donít want him back and donít think heís pl class which surprises me

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    Chelsea fans have form for it Dazzy, I've heard it from our own too but rarely.

    Tammy needs to improve to be a starter in the Prem, no-one can deny he works hard for the team for 90 mins but he's not clinical enough with his finishing. He wouldn't get as many chances to score, love the guy though!

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    These days, i thought racism had gone! Dont understand so called fans shouting racist comments when most teams have black players, especially your own! Why? He scored 26 goals for last term and that had nothing to do with his colour!!
    If I was him and soneone shouted racist abuse not just abuse but racist, i would just walk off the pitch.

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