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Thread: Missed/Saved Penalty kick.

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    Missed/Saved Penalty kick.

    In my opinion a missed penalty kick is when the penalty kicker misses the goal and a saved penalty is when the goalkeeper saves the penalty kick.
    Pogba last night had his penalty kick saved and was recorded as a "missed penalty"
    Yet it was in my opinion a great "saved penalty" by the Wolves goalkeeper.
    Am i splitting hairs?
    Even though Pogba cost me 3 points on the prediction result i still say it was a good save rather than a miss.

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    Stop splitting hairs ya sarthern softee and get back to eating your pie and Mash ..

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    As usual the expected reply from Alf.
    Was the question a bit to intellectual for your Northern brain my friend ?
    Ps Alf pie and mash served with liquor or parsley sauce as called is better than your black pudding
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