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    Well apologies from me!!
    What a difference the new signings have made. So far each performance better than the last, more of the same, please

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    Yep every one of this season's signings are proving good(even Walton is shaking off the early nerves)too early to get giddy but things are looking a little rosier in the garden.

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    I never get carried away, but I'd love it if we beat Cardiff for more than the obvious reason. I can't stand Warnock.

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    You have a heart of stone Aucks!!
    It was really good last night in parts. Second half we bossed them. I'll absolutely put my hands up and say I was wrong those first few weeks. This is what I was expecting.
    Downing was far better than I expected. He was immense last night.
    But how much of a difference to have a commanding keeper who comes for crosses. Great pen save. But thought he looked very big all night.

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    Great result and second half but I wish we wouldn't give the ball away so easily in midfield. Simple errors gave Ull chances they hadn't worked for and nearly cost us dearly. Things looking better overall.

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